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“I’ve been taking Monica’s yoga classes for about 4 months now and I absolutely adore her teaching style! She incorporates the perfect balance of asanas with breathing techniques . I always come out of the class feeling so much more opened, energized and renewed!

She keeps her class small so that she can give individual attention to each and everyone and provide required guidance , help and correction in our poses.
I also appreciate how she begins the class by  asking if anyone needs help in any area and works towards it. She is sure to warm us up in the beginning of class and cool us down as well.  I love when she comes over and basically give me a little mini compression massage while we are stretching at the end!

Monica is very knowledgeable about yoga,  yoga nidra, meditation and  alternative healing techniques ! She is very friendly , cheerful and truly wants to share the benefits of her practices with us.
I highly recommend to try yoga with Monica!”     – Smitha S.

“I recently started taking beginner yoga classes at Polkayoga. I’m new to Yoga, and with each class I’m feeling more confident and I leave the class feeling positive and excited to continue.

Most group yoga classes that I’ve been before were competitive and fast-paced.  Working with Monica was so different, she really encourages you to develop a sense of what feels right, and to go at our own pace.  Monica taught us the right way to do many basic poses.

Do yourself a favor. Go to Polka yoga studio and treat yourself to a yoga session. You won’t regret it.” – Adi K.

“I was struggling with anxiety and depression. Monica was my light with her precious advice, yoga and mediation. I am almost out of my medication and I am back to my life, a better life!” – Tiziana B.

“Monica has changed me. In the best way of Course! I gained weight drastically and for 2 years, I’ve been struggling to lose weight but nothing seemed to work. I joined the gym, changed my diet, started taking all sorts of weight-loss related things but I didn’t see or feel any different. Monica’s teachings are exceptional as much as she is. She’s truly passionate about her students learning the proper Yoga & breathing techniques. She’s helping me see myself in a differently and constantly encouraging me to get myself back into shape. I’m getting married in a few months and what bride doesn’t want to look stunning on her big day? This is a lifetime investment for me because I was encouraged by my older sister to try it out and I’m beyond happy that I made the decision to give it one last try.” – Riddhi.

“I love the small group yoga classes (4-5 people/class) at Polka Yoga. Monica ensures that each student is doing each pose and breathing correctly. Larger group classes just can’t offer the attention and instruction Monica provides. Monica is very passionate about yoga and offers receptive students information on the mental/spiritual aspects of yoga and a holistic approach to life without being pushy or dogmatic. Her enthusiasm and joie de vivre are infectious. Monica offers workshops and brings in teachers from different disciplines (e.g., Reiki, meditation) to help her students explore and grow. I highly recommend Polka Yoga.” – Diane I.

“Just finished my fifth session. Every time I come stressed out and knotted up and Monica gently and firmly and painfully stretches every part of me and removes all my knots and takes me to the most amazing Zen zone. I get better each class and practice the asanas when I’m traveling or stressed and it calms me down completely.
Monica is a warm and caring lady who is all that I need to love coming to class!” – Bindu K.

“I love my Yoga class with Monica. She provides a holistic approach towards yoga combining breathing with the asanas. I come out from her class feeling lighter and energized. She adds on to the class by offering us her expertise in Ayurvedic diet and how certain tweaks in our daily food intake can help us. Her yoga and meditation session at the end of the class is like a relaxation therapy.

I highly recommend Monica’s Polka Yoga studio.” – Yamini P.

“I’ve been taking yoga classes for few months and it’s been a wonderful experience. I started with beginner classes and Monica made sure I was comfortable with my postures at each step. She explains poses thoroughly and goes above and beyond to help you achieve strength in each posture. When I started I wasn’t able to do many intense posture, now after 2-3 months I’m able to do the same intense postures easily.

I always feel happier after the class is finished. This is a great place to see yourself grow, and Monica is willing to guide and push you beyond your limits. I always get a great workout and feel relaxed and less stressed after each class.

I highly recommend Polka Yoga studio and yoga classes with Monica.” – Kanika B.


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